Creating Connection At Your Next Event: See How clover PR Brought This NYC SoulCycle Event To Life

In today’s consumer markets, we’re constantly battling that ever-looming question for our clients – how do we stand out and showcase the incredible personality behind the brand? While we know that being wined-and-dined has become the norm amongst media and influencers alike, we know one key factor that stands out amongst the rest when it comes to helping us achieve our goals at any event. And the answer is: authentic connection. At clover PR, not only is connection a core, foundational value behind our brand, but it’s also one that prioritize with every client strategy we design as well. We’re authentic in our planning, in our goal of connecting with industry tastemakers, and in our activations as we introduce brands media that builds genuine, lasting connections and results.

Before bringing any event or activation to life, we typically strategize for a 3 month planning period during which we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we have a firm understanding of goals, key brand differentiators, product focus, and budget before presenting our initial ideas. A few key factors that we always consider when conceptualizing an event is:

  • Are we staying true to the brands identity and ethos? 
  • How do we showcase the brand and products in a way that is unique while coinciding with editorial calendar timing, trending topics, and relevant to the current industry landscape?
  • What are our key differentiators that will make someone want to experience this event?
  • How will this activation help us to achieve the clients identified goals + KPIs?

After our proposal is approved by the client, we do what clover PR does best – get to work! It’s important to create an outline to keep yourself on track when planning an activation, inclusive of timelines, budget tracking, partner and email templates, and brand documents when reaching out to various vendors, contractors, and attendees. Efficiency in planning and processes is key, and an area we never take shortcuts on. 

If you follow all of these key steps, you’ll be able to bring to life an event that drives success, media and influencer engagement, and most importantly, authentic connection. 

We recently had the opportunity to do just that with skin by Dr. Sethi when we hosted a “skin-cycling” event in New York City. You may be asking, “why skin cycling”? Before we solidify any activation idea, we collaborate with our client to identify what their key product focuses are, taking into account time of year, upcoming promotions and ongoing marketing strategies. This allows us to make sure that any activation, no matter the size, aligns with the brands overall goals and objectives and aligns with consumer-facing strategies. Because we’re heading into the colder months, skin cycling is actually one of the best things that you can do for your skin and routine, and the efficacy is in the name. You should be cycling your products based on concern and overall appearance – is your skin looking uneven and red? Add skin by Dr. Sethi Skin Renewal Polish + Mask to your routine. Skin feeling dull and patchy? Try the skin by Dr. Sethi Retinol Lipid Complex

Educating consumers on the important benefits of skin cycling was a no-brainer for us, but how to bring this to life in a way that felt different, fun and exciting was another hurdle to tackle. Luckily, we pride ourselves on our out-of-the-box ideas, creative and curious nature, and immense knowledge of industry trends (i.e., we have our nose on what’s cool!).

We partnered with SoulCycle in one of the chicest areas of New York City (in our not so humble opinion) to invite media and influencers to join us for a morning to “Cycle Their Way to Better Skin.” Upon arrival, guests were ushered in to get ready for their 9:30am cycle class with one of Soul Cycle’s high-energy and incredibly talented instructors, and let us tell you that our guests brought a ferocity and positivity to that class that impressed even us fitness-loving women. After the class wrapped, guests were invited to freshen-up by experiencing the Skin Cycling Duo firsthand, which adorned the locker rooms in a thoughtfully placed, and branded way. We partnered with our favorite health-centered eatery, Crisp & Green, to provide skin-boosting smoothies and Allyoos for hair refresh creating buns & braids so perfect that you can’t wait to show them off, all to provide guests with everything they’d need to take them from their cycling class to their busy days ahead. Having a well-rounded activation consisting of fun and thoughtful add-ons is a key strategy in creating an event that not only drives attendees, but also makes it one that they want to share on social media, one that they want to promote and will remember. But there’s one thing even more important to ensuring that your event is a home-run – authentic connection. That’s why Dr. Sethi herself, along with the brand team, was present and able to connect one-on-one with each guest, ensuring education, engagement, and authentic connection that ultimately resulted in lasting relationships and the ability to translate these into ongoing partnership opportunities and media coverage. 

Each of these thoughtful moments fit together like puzzle pieces, creating an event that drove an immediate return of a 90% attendance rate, 3 top-tier media leads pending coverage, and 15 social media hits resulting in 585,315 impressions

We love having the ability to create meaningful connections and thoughtful activations for our clients, and look forward to putting our creative minds together to help elevate your brand and bring success to your goals and strategies. 

Have questions about how we can work together to bring your next event to life? Connect with us at hello@clover-pr.com