Heather kicked off her career in 2006 by supercharging digital campaigns for brands like Barry’s Bootcamp, Burke Williams Day Spa, Nekter Juice Bar and Nike Women’s Division before getting back to her roots in traditional PR when she launched clover PR in 2013. 

Heather has channeled her hyper-organized Virgo tendencies, love of wellness, and outside-the-box thinking to create holistic strategies and innovative campaigns for clients that keep ROI top priority. 

When she’s not strategizing on the next pitch or campaign with the team, this Napa native can be found enjoying a glass of wine at her favorite winery Trefethen, designing spaces for family and friends, indulging in self-care (read: acupuncture, reiki and massage therapy) or disconnecting completely to snuggle up to her babies and hubby on the couch for movie night. 

Heather Lovato

meet our founder + CEO

Brooke quickly found her love for creative strategy and digital marketing helping brands like AARP, CBD Naturals, Kings Hawaiian, Pentel, Smart Levels Media, and Takeya USA become challengers in their industries. 

With 15+ years of digital marketing experience, she attributes her social media savantness to a natural curiosity (read: weird obsession) for finding the answers to anything online!

Her passion for research continues to fuel her knowledge of how the ever-changing digital space works to elevate brand touch points. She’s a data girl and loves geeking out with clients to help them understand the motivation and behaviors behind their target audience. 

When not keeping up on the latest digital trends, you’ll find Brooke enjoying time with her family,  a glass of wine with friends or reading up on her projector human design chart.


Brooke Allen 

Paige joins the clover PR team bringing 11+ years of experience working in public relations. Previously working for beauty brands such as Sigma Beauty and Good Chemistry where she built the departments from the ground-up, she garnered over 30 industry awards and utilized her extensive social media and influencer marketing experience to secure thoughtful national co-branded partnerships. She has a strong passion for trends, influencer marketing and executing out-of-the-box strategies that drive results and create lasting relationships for brands. 

While she considers her passionate nature to be the driving force behind her work, Paige prides herself on her ability to connect with others. She knows that every relationship, from media to influencer to consumer, should be treated with the same care and intention to result in positive experiences.

A Minnesota-native, Paige loves being active and spending time with her pup, Golightly (named after the star in her favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s). When she’s not spending time with family or friends, you can find her enjoying a nice meal and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or taking pleasure in spa experiences in true Taurus-fashion. 

Manager, Public Relations

Paige Beaubien

Born and raised in sunny California, Kendall comes to us with a natural love for health, wellness, and beauty culture that has since boomed over the years along the coast. 

At an early age, she carried a fascination with storytelling and began her career as a healthy-food Blogger, helping local small businesses and food destinations market their meals within the area. From there she grew exponentially within the Digital Marketing industry and comes to us with 7+ years of experience and a robust background that includes expertise in Creative & Strategic Copywriting, Photography, Product Development, Web Development, Branding, Influencer Relations, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing.

Kendall also has extensive knowledge and know-how when it comes to launching products within the skin care and beauty space and is credited with launching a retail line of skin care products from scratch, giving her a full 360 view of brand building from start to finish. At her core, Kendall is passionate about helping brands fine-tune their vision to tell the right stories and she can’t wait to continue in her mission of bringing your story to life. 

Manager, Creative+ Brand Strategy

Kendall Gallegos

Daphne knows the power of media attention and what it can do for a brand, personality, company and organization. She began her career in Chicago working on tech industry clients
before moving to Los Angeles to focus on the Hollywood entertainment industry. There she landed on the red carpet at the SAG Awards (literally) while working as an intern at a celebrity PR agency. What started as a three month opportunity turned into a fourteen year dream job that is still going strong.
Daphne has an extensive amount of PR experience in the areas of sports, lifestyle, fashion, events and non-profits while also working with some of Hollywood’s top personalities, filmmakers and movies. A big believer in giving back, Daphne encourages clients to do so as well. Whether it’s
seeking out an organization for them to align with or attending fundraisers and charity events,
she is always looking for ways to make a difference. 


Daphne Ortiz

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Lauren had her sights set on Los Angeles fromas early as she can remember. Crediting TV, LA’s mid century modern architecture
and an early fascination into the wellness world as the main reasons for the move from Middle Earth to La La Land.
She kicked off her PR career here at clover PR back in 2016.

As a vegan and staunch supporter of environmental and sustainable practices, this was her first look at the
world of health & wellness on a national scale and loved combining her passions with her job. Following this, she moved into the entertainment industry, where she focused on personal representation for traditional and digital talent and unit publicity at Warner Bros, Discovery. From the Oscars to the Emmys, to managing clients at events all over the world with multiple stakeholders, to securing national coverage tied to whatever was being promoted at the time.

While keeping busy with all of this, she never lost sight of what really mattered to her, and post COVID felt called to move back to an industry that focused on mindfulness.
In 2022, Lauren started back at clover PR as an Account Manager and settled down with her fiancé in Echo Park. When she’s not working on strategy and slinging PR hits
you can find her drinking a natty wine, doing tarot or enjoying a show with friends.


Lauren Warwick

Jessica joins clover PR with 8+ years of experience specializing in PR and media relations. Having had the privilege of partnering with dozens of consumer brands and experts across beauty, wellness, lifestyle and fashion, Jessica finds a passion in working at the intersection of media and culture to tell impactful stories that contribute to her clients’ overall growth.
With a deep understanding of digital trends and the ever shifting media landscape, Jessica considers herself a diligent and invaluable brand partner, recognizing that flexibility and a willingness to adapt are key factors to success. 
Born and raised in Michigan, she now calls Los Angeles, California home. When she’s not networking with media and building PR strategies for brands, you can find her window shopping on Rodeo Drive, soaking up the sun at the beach and spending time with her husband, Dan and their pup, Leo.


Jessica Woolridge

With a passion for beauty, wellness and design, Haley joined the clover PR team as a PR Assistant to put her love for marketing to use With a background in public relations, marketing and digital journalism from Fairfield University, Haley is ready to take on any task thrown at her.

From her attention to detail (read she binged The Home Edit in one night) to her love for writing, Haley is passionate about making each and every client experience as seamless as possible using marketing tactics to help share their story with their target audience.

When she isn’t securing press hits for clients, you can find Haley taking film photographs around Boston, dancing with her friends in the middle of a concert or trying a hip new restaurant in the city. 

Account Coordinator

Haley Norton



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