Empowering Voices: The Founder of clover PR Takes the Stage at Her Conference

When I was asked to speak at Her Conference it was an instant yes. I’ve worked with this outlet for years and love the space they have created for young women to feel supported and empowered about their bodies, minds and issues that we’re all so passionate about. I was asked to host the “Our Bodies. Our Rights” panel and as a new CEO and Founder of brand known as rhythm Care, a women’s feminine health and wellness company. Speaking at the event felt perfectly aligned with my passion to help women feel less shame around common issues such as periods, UTs, sexual desires, and societal fears. I couldn’t wait to be on stage with a room full of inspiring individuals to chat intimately about all things womanhood. 

As someone who has always been a cheerleader and advocate for women’s rights, creating a safe environment where women felt compelled to share their stories and facilitate in a conversation around our bodies was paramount to me. In fact, when I launched clover PR, a digital communications agency in 2013, over 10 years ago, it was started with foundational mission of providing an approachable and refreshing destination to dismantle common industry stereotypes. This required forward thinking, conscious creation, and constant nurturing to turn it into the buzzing business it is today. It has been such a wonderful feeling to see my vision of a better, more mindful marketing agency come to life over the past decade while being able to support some of the most notable beauty, health and wellness brands reach their goals. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Her Campus launch as a platform to become one of the most reliable late teen/early womanhood outlets, and have loved being a part of fostering a conversation around womanhood at this recent event. 

During this talk, we discussed what defines the female experience, the beauty of sisterhood, and the challenges and stigmas women face in achieving their rights. It was a profound conversation that sparked ideas around what governs our bodies as women. My biggest takeaway is that we can talk about and be curious with our sexual own desires without living in shame. 

I hope this conference encourages everyone who attended or those who have read about the highlights post-event to speak up when they have questions and not feel ashamed of the things that make us human. What our bodies do every day is a miracle that should be truly celebrated.

Until the next time I take the stage, 

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