Hi September! Nice to meet you.

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Happy Friday! The three day weekend means more time to celebrate the unofficial end of summer – wooohooo! We are feeling all kinds of warm fuzzies as we start to think about all the good times + adventures that we have shared with our friends and families. But before we trade in our favorite sundress for an extra comfy bulky sweater – we are bringing you the latest summer picks in health + wellness for this weeks #FreshFriday

A Little Bit of Health for the Long Weekend (The Glitter Guide)
Here at clover we love any excuse to eat and relax with friends – and what better excuse than a patio party for Labor Day! The last thing you should do to prep for your end-of-summer feast is stress about what to bring to a potluck with all your best buds, so here’s a few healthier ideas that still manage to pack mega-flavor. Finger’s crossed that there is some extra Vanilla Cashew Butter Chocolate Cups leftover after our backyard bbq.

Breaking the Rules  (PopSugar)
Who’s to say that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? We say that you CAN! Wearing white in the summer makes sense because white clothings ability to keep us a little bit cooler than other colors. But wearing white only during the summer? While no one is completely sure exactly when or why this fashion rule came into effect, we did our research to find the cutest ways to rock your white linen dresses and button down all year long.

Summer… Don’t go! (Free People)
Go berry picking. Take a sunset ocean dip. Eat dinner outside. Be spontaneous. If you’re weekly routine has you staying indoors, it’s especially important that you take advantage of  the sweet sunny days that summer has left to offer. Make the best out of the extra time that nature gives us during the summer – early mornings and long, warm nights – to check “try something new” off your summer bucket list! And as a toast to the  B E S T summer ever, mix up a refreshing spritzer to refresh you (and your taste buds) for an end of summer celebration!

Here’s that “IDK” Moment Breakthrough That You’ve Been Looking For (Darling Magazine)
It’s hard when we have more questions than we do answers. Who am I going to marry? What if I’ve already met him? Is this job right for me? What should I eat for lunch? Should I move to New York? It’s hard enough to decide what to snack on for lunch, let alone set goals for a future that hasn’t even happened yet. There is beauty in not knowing what you want to do with you life,  so challenge yourself to celebrate having more freedom than responsibility by being present! Darling Magazine is here to help with some simple, approachable, and achieved goals that will help us embrace all of life’s stages no matter how confused or out of place we feel.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

xx, team clover