Keep Calm + Soak up the Sun

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This summer is flying by so it’s time to soak up the sun & have some fun while we still can! To slow things down we are bringing you the latest and greatest in health + wellness because we see the importance in taking the time to sit back and relax. Whether it’s back to school or back to work, we’ve got you covered. Happy #FreshFriday!

There’s an Essential Oil for that (Mind Body Green)
Doc, we’ve got a serious case of the summer scaries. The shift from blue skies + beaches to sweaters + PSL’s might be a little too close for comfort. As the seasons shift, essentials oils have got covered when it comes to that change induced anxiety. The aromatherapeutic power of essential oils can add just the right amount of pepp(ermint) in your life to increase your motivation and boost you back to the top of your game. So, before you stress over your vacation ending or getting in the back to school groove, keep essential oils in mind as solutions to your troubles.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed (literally)  (Byrdie)
All you right-side sleepers, listen up! According to a study conducted by Premier Inn, which monitored 3,000 adults sleeping patterns, people who sleep on the left side wake up feeling happier and better prepared for the day. Waking up on the right side (no pun intended) of the bed can do some pretty amazing things for your mood, munchies, mind, and more! Read up on this articles to learn some of the incredible benefits that can happen while you’re catching some zzz’s!

The Coolest Kid in School  (Paper & Stitch)
Remember the excitement of pulling your fresh folder out of our brand-new Jansport backpack for the first time? Us too! While it seems like almost everything is changing nowadays, the love for cute + one-of-a-kind school supplies will always be one of our favorite things. And the only thing better than new school supplies are the extra special ones that you make yourself Check out these back to school DIYs for fun and creative ways to get your kids excited for the school year! P.S. Even if you’re kidless, grab your gal pals for an extra fun craft night!

The Irony of Self-Care (Mind Body Green)
Self-care. The hashtag-worthy mantra for our general well-being can oftentimes translate into too much focus on the self – or rather, not enough focus on others. Naturally, being too self-focused can ultimately have a negative effect on our well-being. As the rockstar women that we know you all are, we don’t doubt that you wear many hats in your everyday lives. While committing to being super moms, bosses, friends, and supporters — fighting to squeeze in meditation, journaling, and luxurious baths, can sometimes be more hurtful than helpful. Instead, try indulging in doing “Nothing-ing”  (made famous by Dr. Ellen Vora) may make us feel lazy, simply resting in silence can bring more benefits than being an A+ student in essential oils and yoga.

It’s not too late!  (The Glitter Guide)
Alright so you didn’t plan your summer vacation like some of your extremely plan savvy friends months ago, but that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck! If you’re anything like us, summer snuck up on you this year and you’re sitting at your desk without a vacation planned. But we’ve got good news – there are still vacations to be booked and adventures to be had in these last couple weeks of August! This is the perfect time to plan that weekend trip to a not-so-faraway land that you have just been dying to go to. Did someone say airbnb in Joshua Tree?

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover