Hello Glow!

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It’s Friday! Motto for this weekend: Why be moody when you can shake your booty! This week we are bringing you plenty of reason to smile, starting with Y O U. We think you’re pretty awesome so we went ahead and found some of the latest health + wellness reads that will keep you growing + glowing whether you’re in the office or at home!

More Cash and ‘Cados (Well + Good)
Is your avocado toast addiction breaking the bank? Thanks to the money-saving app, Ibotta, we have the inside scoop on what the best (and worst) days are to buy a handful of healthy goods. Findings show you can save 25% by buying avos on a specific day during the week instead of on weekends.  You have guac to be kidding me! We’ll give you a little hint: it starts with a W.

Dear (Work) Diary,
This one is for all you #girlboss’s out there! Having trouble tracking your work performance while getting caught up in never-ending to do lists and the same old 9-5? We’re here to help you out and letting you in on a secret used by some of the world’s most successful people. Journals dedicated towards reflecting on your job help to improve skills like patience and planning, redefine your focus, and can serve as a timeline for personal growth. That’s right! Us grown-ups have a use for diaries outside of telling tales about that cute boy in Algebra 2.

Jellyfish are Self Care Goals (Shine)
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Self care is so important in our daily lives and this week we learned that our jelly friends in the deep sea are quite the experts at it. All around nature we can learn lessons like the only way to make progress is to take the time to relax, communication is always what’s best for your hive, monkey business is a part of the learning process, and that there is no productivity without plan(t)s. So whether it’s small office tweaks or treating yourself to an extra 10 minutes of “me-time”, your next selfcare breakthrough might just be out there roamin’ in the wild!

Did someone order Clear, Smooth Skin? (the Stripe)
Is it just us or is Turmeric in everything right now? Curry, latte’s, facemasks, you name it. Not only does this spice have amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s also a great beauty product! Although this bright yellow mask may look like it’s made from magic, it’s just a product of filled with good ol’ fashioned home remedies which have been used in western medicine for years. With just 4 ingredients this mask is an easy + budget friendly tip to looking your best!

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover