Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars…

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Pools + popsicles + fireworks sound like the recipe for a perfect Fourth of July! We are diving into the celebrations with the adorable popsicles featured in the recipe below. What is your favorite way to celebrate the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July Popsicles (The Things We Make)
Nothing says fourth of July quite like layers of red, white and blue. More than ever, it feels important to look back at our country’s history and reflect upon where we have been and where we are going. Red, white and blue layered popsicles aren’t going to solve all of our nations hurt but they will bring a smile to your guests faces.

Chasing Perfection (Well and Good)
We are all for the mentality of living with the glass half full. But what if in the pursuit of optimism we miss an opportunity to gather strength from mishaps and hardships along the way? Candice Kumai is a Top Chef alumni and writer of six best selling books — this article reflecting on embracing imperfections and struggles is a great reminded that letting go of perfection frees us up to instead be the uniquely best version of ourselves.

7 Habits That Could Lead to Chronic Illness (Chalkboard)  
People don’t get sick overnight. Many pros agree that illness comes from cumulative imbalances and small bad habits that amount to much more over time. This piece from Dr. Terry Whals explores the biggest contributing factors to chronic illness and informs us on the daily habits that might need adjusting in our lives.

5 Easy Wellness Tips  (Glitter Guide)
It isn’t all bad news when talking about the habits that contribute to our health. The truth is that it’s easy to incorporate wellness into your everyday. From eating fruits and veggies with a high water content to incorporating a bedtime yoga routine into your day — The Glitter Guide is serving up five quick and easy wellness tips to improve your week.

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