Brownies for Balance


It is officially summer and we are HERE FOR IT. Summer is the perfect time to play tourist in our own city while leaning into an active lifestyle. Whether it’s paddle boarding in the Marina or hiking Runyon, we can’t wait to take advantage of the warm summer months by upping our adventure intake.

A Store Within a Store (Domino)
Well, well, well – Anthropologie has jumped into the wellness space. It seems like overnight, this shopping mecca created mini stores within their stores featuring fitness products, hair and skin care items, aromatherapy and essential oils, coffee and teas and crystals. There is even a “conscious ingredients” category highlighting clean beauty. Excuse us while we discreetly add one of everything to our cart.

Clean Eating from 40,000 Feet (Chalkboard)
Who hasn’t found themselves starving in the airport with nothing healthy in sight? Bringing food from home helps to guarantee being able to eat something healthful while avoiding the stress of getting caught in a long line. It does take some creativity to make sure that your food will make it through TSA, but as long as your non-solids are under 3.4 ounces you’re good to go. Just make sure to be considerate and lay off bringing something stinky like hard boiled eggs or tuna. We can’t wait to utilize this article from Chalkboard as a great foundation to start building our travel menu.

Waste Not (Food 52)
We have all read an article about some person who can fit their trash for an entire month in an 8 oz mason jar. We haven’t reached that level but admire the commitment. In all seriousness, we should all take our carbon footprint more seriously and consider tangible solutions to reduce waste. Ideally, finishing a meal shouldn’t mean a visit to the trash can and this feature provides some great reminders on how to be conscious about our consumption.

Listen Up Ladies (Chalkboard)Having cookies delivered to our house just in time for our cycle under the guise of wellness? Yes, please. . Moon Cycle Bakery now delivers hormone-balancing sweets just when we need them the most. Their mission is to help women steer clear of processes sweets during their cycle and opt instead for crave-able but mindfully-made baked goods. All of their PMS pacifying snack are made with strategic ingredients to nourish and balance the body — GENIUS!

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover