Tapping into the Instagram Algorithm


Have you noticed that the same people always seem to be near the top of your feed? There’s a reason for this and it’s a lot simpler than you might think. We’ve cracked the code (or maybe Instagram shared it with us) and we’re here to report why your BFF’s in real life may be the ones you’re seeing when you instacruise your feed.

Instagram has been honing in on curating feeds that are filled with users “friends and family.” Instead of showcasing posts chronologically, Instagram curate feeds with what they think you want to see. Based upon the users you like and comment on most often, those posts will appear first as you scroll. So quick recap – the more you like your favorite bloggers content the more you’re going to see her posts, or your neighbors or the million puppy profiles you secretly stalk.

Here are a few tips to capitalize on the latest algorithm and slide into followers “friends and family.”

Schedule – If you want to increase instagram engagement, you should be posting when the majority of your followers are online. Instagram doesn’t only care about how much engagement your post gets, it also cares how quickly you receive that engagement. Strategically posting when most of your followers are online gives you a prime position to rack up those likes quickly. Garnering a lot of likes and comments on a post shortly after it’s posted signals to Instagram that this is quality content and the algorithm bumps the post to be seen by more of your audience, giving them a chance to engage. CLIFF NOTES: Hire professional profile stalkers when you post OR know when your audiences likes to see content from you to capitalize on their activity. #knowyouraudience

Posting Consistently – The algorithm is constantly reevaluating what they think Instagram users want to be seeing. If you don’t post for a week, Instagram doesn’t see followers engaging in your content and therefore doesn’t include you in the “friends and family” zone. Building up a consistent following means posting consistently. CLIFF NOTES: Taking a week off isn’t an option in the world of growing a social media following. #nocheatdayshere

Call to Action – Engage your audience by suggesting they interact with a post increases your chance of having the post featured higher on their feeds. Requesting your followers to “tag someone in a post” or “double tap if” gives a direct suggestion prompting engagement. CLIFF NOTES: Sometimes, all you need to do is ask…

Hashtags – This might sound controversial but,”shadowbanning is not a real thing.” Last year, many instagram accounts were affected by a mysterious “bug” in the instagram app that effectively hid posts if they used the same hashtags over and over. However, Instagram has gone on the record saying that it doesn’t hide people’s content for posting too many hashtags. On the contrary, well used hashtags help direct niche groups to your page. Utilizing industry specific hashtags like #HealthyLiving or #WellandGoodEats means participating in that specific hive and bringing visibility in those sectors. CLIFF NOTES: Hashtag away. It actually can help you.

Now that you’re Instagram ready, hit the screens and start taking over your feed! Then comment below and let us know how it is going.

xx, team clover