Chill Out


The past week has been a reminder to look for the golden threads woven through life. How can we bring light and love into the world? Today is the perfect time to reflect on ways to connect on a deeper level with the people in our lives while caring for ourselves both holistically and spiritually. It’s time for this week’s #FreshFriday

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Darling)
Today’s society is hyper connected. We walk around with mini computers, aka iPhones, that allow us to instantaneously connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. The invention of social media has ironically led to less room for social engagement with the people who share our geographical space. Remember the days when an unexpected knock on the door meant a neighborhood friend and not cause for alarm? Call us old fashioned, but we miss knowing our neighbors. Inviting a stranger over for dinner could potentially be super awkward, but couldn’t it also lead to an unexpected friendship? We love these easy tips from Darling on how to get to know our neighbors.

Taco Lovers Rejoice (Hello Glow)
Where was this recipe when we were doing the Whole30? When we saw this recipe for no fail turmeric tortillas, we knew we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. These tortillas are made with cassava and coconut flours rather than wheat or corn + packed with the anti-inflammation benefits of turmeric. And if your interest needs to be further piqued, they can be frozen for later! Ah-mazing!

What We Can Learn From Kate  (Chalkboard)
We know we aren’t alone in feeling heart broken after the sudden passings of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. The news awoke us to the realities that even larger-than-life personalities are still human. It reminded us that every one of us has the necessity to nurture, support and care for our loved ones, and to look beneath the often shiny surface toward what might be lurking beneath. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and we should all do our part to chip away the enormous stigma attached by using these tragedies as an opportunity to further develop our comfortability and language.

Travel Shift (ABC News)
Why do people take vacations? To recharge? To relax? To re-engage? It makes sense that the tourism industry has taken a turn towards wellness. Fitness has gone from being an activity at the destination to being the destination. Embracing wellness as a way to relax is maybe the perfect way to step away from the everyday and truly feel the rest and empowerment needed to restart. We are taking a mental note of all the incredible options noted in this article to keep in mind for some upcoming R & R. Want to venture on a wellness escape of your own? Andaz Maui just launched the Nanea Suite which included a daily spa treatment, private fitness classes, locally-sourced juices and snacks, a Philip Stein sleep bracelet and more.